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Stunning gorgonian fan encountered when diving from Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, the Yasawas, Fiji.

Fiji Diving


There are over 25 dives sites surrounding Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji featuring swim-throughs, caves, coral gardens, pinnacles, walls with the resort operating night dives too.

Beginner Divers

Try diving for the first time, take an Introductory Dive (no certification required) including the 'Awakening Shark Dive' or complete a certified dive course (takes 3 to 4 days).

Houseguests at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji experiencing an introductory dive, no previous dive experience required.

Initial training is provided in the shallow, crystal clear waters surrounding the resort before moving out to our coral gardens. You'll feel confident and safe before inhailing your first breath underwater with our qualified instructors. 

Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji houseguest diving, getting up close and personal with Clown Fish and their anemone home.

Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji's dive operation is an official SSI (Scuba Schools International) member. We recognise PADI certification with PADI certification contributing towards SSI Advanced Adventurer and SSI

Advance Open Water rating courses.


Certified Divers

There are over 25 dive sites surrounding Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji including the wow 'Awakening Shark Dive'.


Already certified?  

Our SSI Advanced Adventurer course will expose you to a variety of diving to increase your confidence and skill level. You will be taught techniques for underwater navigation, night diving and deep diving, as well as choosing optional specialties such as drift diving, digital photography, boat diving and more.

Description: This is a spectacular wall dive down to a maximum depth of 30 metres. The shallow reef in the shallows is home to beautiful hard corals. The wall, as it`s name suggests, is abundant with sea fans. Look closely and you might even find one of the elusive Pygmy Seahorses hiding in a fan. They like to play hide and seek, mostly hide.

Stunning gorgonian sea fan and soft corals Fiji is renown enncoutered when diving from Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji.

Name: Sea Fan City

Distance: 10 min boat ride

Max Depth: 15-30m

Fiji diving sites accessible from Barefoot Kuata Island Resort Fiji, here are 2 of over 25 sites
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